Cambridge Cycling Club

Time Trialling

Ken Platts - National VTTA record holder
Andy Grant - VTTA National Record Holder

The regulatory body for domestic time trials is Cycling Time Trials (CTT). Time trials are organised by cycling clubs for and on behalf of CTT in accordance with their Regulations. CTT recommends that adult riders wear an approved helmet and this is compulsory for juniors.

Riders must adhere to the Highway Code whilst competing. Specifically, this means giving way at junctions and roundabouts to others having priority and keeping to your side of the road when exiting corners.

Open events

CCC is affiliated to the Eastern Counties Cycling Association (ECCA) whose member clubs organise events in our region. Entry must be by an official CTT Entry Form, with a closing date that is usually just under two weeks before the event. See our members results here (Enter either a rider's name or Cambridge CC in the filter box)

We are sponsoring three open events in 2020 (details on the homepage calendar)

Saturday 11 April 2pm - a 15 mile event on the Hardwick F2/15. Sunday 14 June 8am - the Viking 50 - a new 4-lap course on the A428 between Madingley and Caxton Gibbet. Sunday 13 September 9am - a 25 mile event on the Hardwick F2a/25.

Before submitting an entry to ride any of these events, there is an obligation on members to offer assistance and to check with the organiser that all marshalling and other necessary duties can be met.

Club events

Club events are held on Thursday evenings between April and August. Go to the Events menu tab for the schedule of events. You can ride these events by simply turning up and signing on. Guest riders sign on 20 minutes before the start so we suggest members sign on before this to ensure a ride.

An active rear facing light, either flashing or constant, is mandatory whilst riding our events. Here is the official CTT guidance.

Entry is free for 1st and 2nd claim members. (1st claim members, in return, are expected to help on at least two occasions with either marshalling* or organising)

Guest riders, being members of other clubs, pay an entry fee of £4.

If you are not a member of a cycling club, you can join Cambridge CC as a day member - £5 (or join as a full member - £20).

If you are under 18 years old please also read our Juniors page.

We run two competitions; one for time trial machines and the other for road bikes. To qualify for the road bike competition, tri-bars, aero helmets and deep rim wheels greater than 35mm are not eligible.

Annually we hold several "Come and Try It" events. These events are differentiated from our normal club events in that you do not have to be a member of a cycling club. You must be over 12 years old and if under age 18 we require CTT Parental Consent. No special equipment or clothing is necessary, just a roadworthy bike. These events are free for those under age 18. Guest riders pay the CTT levy (currently £3). Club members are not given preferential treatment; it is a case of "first come; first served".

Here is a CTT article on riding your first time trial.

If you would like to speak to someone contact our Time Trial Secretary.

Organisers information can be found on the Legal/Doc Store page.

*Marshalling - Modern traffic conditions make it essential that a marshal should do no more than indicate the precise spot at which a rider should turn or the direction they should take. The responsibility for safely negotiating a turn or any other change of direction must rest with the rider alone.