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Café Lock Conundrum

We know of three makes of café locks that do not come with instructions on changing the combination. This can be an issue when trying to release the lock and discovering the combination has changed!

The problem is storing the lock with the cable fully retracted as Fig 1 (it clicks into this position), as this is the position that frees the tumblers allowing the combination to be changed.

Café lock Fig 1
Fig 1

The solution is to either store the lock as Fig 2, or check the combination hasn't changed before locking your bike and spinning the tumblers.

Café lock Fig 2
Fig 2

Credit: - Roger Langworth

Read Cycling Weekly for free
Cycling Weekly

Read Cycling Weekly free of charge courtesy of Cambridgeshire Libraries. Firstly, join your local library if not already a member and register for on-line access. Next step is to create a Zinio eMagazine account This procedure will enable you to read magazines on-line. There is also a facility to download an app for a smart phone or tablet.

Lower Back Ache?

Try the Scorpion Stretch Lie down on your front with your arms outstretched. Raise a lower leg to the vertical position, bending at the knee. Then raise your thigh as high as you can before rotating your hips so that the raised leg passes over the outstretched leg. Touch the floor with the toes of the raised leg. Return to the start position (using the same movement) then repeat with the other leg.

Stick-On Bifocals
Stick-On Bifocals

If your eyesight is not as good as it used to be and consequently you require reading glasses, here is a solution that enables you to wear sunglasses and read your Garmin. Stick-on bifocals by Zcifi. Applied simply by wetting the lens. Re-usable by peeling off and re-applying. Google Zcifi and get them direct or from Amazon for less than $20 or get them ready made from or google Voltx safety glasses.

Group Riding Skills

Bike Radar video

Replacement Track Pump Head
Track Pump Head

Is your combined Presta/Schrader track pump head playing up? Does your pump head not stay on the valve when inflating your tyres?

Try the BBB BFP-92 replacement pump head available from Tesco Direct or Amazon.

CCC Bottle
CCC Bottle

Our Club bottle is a quality item that will last if looked after. Unusually, the valve is sufficiently flexible to allow removal for cleaning.