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Club Records - as at 1st November 2018

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Juvenile, Junior and Senior - Solo, Tandem, 2-up and Trikes

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5 miles men SeniorJames Ward199311-4425.6
JuniorJames Ward199111-4825.4
JuvenileNik Hall198911-5225.2
Boys Nik Hall 198713-3022.2
5 miles women Seniorwaiting to be established
Junior Mandy Footman (now Hoskin)197414-5520.1
JuvenileJulie Thompson1975 15-05 19.9
GirlsJackie Harris197515-3019.4
10 miles men SeniorDavid McGaw201718-5831.6
JuniorTom Platts200621-0328.5
Juvenile Nik Hall 1989 21-04 28.5
BoysNik Hall198723-2925.6
10 miles womenSeniorRachel Horn200121-5427.2
JuniorRachel Wesley197826-4722.7
JuvenileRachel Wesley197826-47
GirlsRachel Wesley197826-47
10 mile Team (59-48) SeniorDavid McGaw201419-2430.1
10 mile Team (59-48)SeniorKen Platts (V)201420-0530.1
10 mile Team (59-48)SeniorChris Pearce201420-1930.1
10 mile Team (1-15-36)JuniorTom Platts200622-5023.8
10 mile Team (1-15-36)JuniorSam O'Rourke200625-3623.8
10 mile Team (1-15-36)JuniorChris Hughes (U-14)200627-1023.8
15 miles men SeniorAndy Grant (65)201831-2828.6
JuniorTom Platts200636-0125.0
JuvenileNik Hall198936-3224.6
Boyswaiting to be established
15 miles womenSeniorHelen Eborall200839-2622.8
JuniorMandy Hoskin197445-2619.8
JuvenileMandy Hoskin197445-26
Girlswaiting to be established
15 mile Team (1-36-40)SeniorAndy Grant (V)201831-2827.9
15 mile Team (1-36-40)SeniorColin Lizieri (V)201832-3427.9
15 mile Team (1-36-40)SeniorKen Platts (V)201832-3827.9
25 miles men SeniorDavid McGaw 201749-0130.6
JuniorAdam Fisher200053-2628.1
JuvenileEddie Hoskin19821-00-0525.0
BoysStan Ayers19681-06-3522.5
25 miles womenSeniorRachel Horn200157-4126.0
JuniorAngela Joy (now Platt)19751-08-1921.9
JuvenileAngela Joy19731-12-1720.8
GirlsAngela Joy19731-17-0419.5
25 mile Team (2-34-14)SeniorDavid McGaw201450-0629.2
25 mile Team (2-34-14)SeniorKen Platts (V)201451-0629.2
25 mile Team (2-34-14)SeniorChris Pearce201453-0229.2
30 miles men SeniorBob Watson (58)20181-01-4729.1
JuniorJames Ward19911-08-0426.4
JuvenileEddie Hoskin19811-17-4323.2
30 miles womenSeniorHelen Eborall20081-16-1823.6
Women's Junior and Juvenile waiting to be established
30 mile Team (3-08-18)SeniorBob Watson (V)20181-01-4728.7
30 mile Team (3-08-18)SeniorKen Platts (V)20181-02-5928.7
30 mile Team (3-08-18)SeniorColin Lizieri (V)20181-03-3228.7
50 miles men SeniorDavid McGaw20171-38-3030.5
JuniorNigel Fleet19821-57-2025.6
50 miles womenSeniorLucy Gossage20121-55-3925.9
Juniorwaiting to be established
50 mile Team (5-14-54)SeniorDavid Mcgaw20171-38-3030.5
50 mile Team (5-14-54)SeniorAndré Dyason20171-45-5028.3
50 mile Team (5-14-54)SeniorColin Lizieri20171-50-3427.1
100 miles men Ken Platts (59)20113-44-3326.5
100 miles womenLucy Gossage20143-56-2325.4
12 hours men Ken Platts (55)2007283.103miles23.6
12 hours womenLucy Rutter (now McTaggart)1990215.04 miles17.9
24 hours men Frank Brown1964446.65 miles18.6
Hill Climb menSeniorColin Chapman19741-25.4
JuniorJames Ward19901-36.0
JuvenileColin Chapman19701-38.6
Hill Climb womenSeniorJenny Ousey19771-54.6
JuniorJackie Harris19792-04.6
JuvenileJackie Harris19792-04.6
Track 1k TT Standing StartRob Cox 20061-13.41830.47
Track 3k Individual PursuitMark Fraser20023-53.04428.99
BAR men 25, 50 and 100 milesKen Platts (56)200828.220
BAR women 25, 50 and 100 milesRachel Horn200124.776
BAR Junior * 2x10, 2x25 milesTom Platts200627.147
10 miles SeniorKen Platts (55) / Tom Platts200718-4731.9
Senior mixed Lol Berman / Rachel Horn200219-4130.5
Senior / JuniorKen Platts (54) / Tom Platts200619-2830.8
Senior / Junior mixedRichard Holmes / Natalie Speechley198923-2225.7
25 milesSeniorKen Platts (54)/ Tom Platts (J)200650-1729.8
Senior mixedLol Berman / Rachel Horn200154-0127.8
Senior / JuniorKen Platts (54) / Tom Platts200650-1729.8
30 miles Ken Platts (55) / Tom Platts20071-01-2729.3
50 miles Roy Clarke / John Lindsell19501-53-1726.5
100 miles Roy Clarke / John Lindsell19504-03-2924.6
12 hours Frank Buckingham / Percy T Carter1933235.75 miles19.6
2-UP **
10 miles Senior / SeniorDavid McGaw / Chris Brown201620-1129.7
Senior / JuniorGeorge Crammond / Mark Matthews200523-2325.7
25 miles Senior / SeniorDigby Symons / Doug Bradshaw200954-3127.5
Senior / JuniorMick Draper / Kim Joy197557-0226.3
Senior / JuvenileBob Jessop / Eddie Hoskin198259-1125.3
10 milesMick Draper199024-5424.1
25 milesKen Usher19951-05-2522.9
30 milesSam Gilbert19761-22-5521.7
50 milesKen Usher19952-12-2722.7
100 milesKen Usher19974-41-3821.3
12 hoursKen Usher1995237.00 miles19.8
24 hoursFrank Brown1963414.25 miles17.3

* Adam Fisher finished 1st in the CTC and 2nd in the National Junior BBAR in 2000 with 28.68mph, but not all his qualifying rides were as a member of CCC.

** For Tandems and 2-UP: Juveniles qualify up to 25 miles, Juniors qualify up to 50 miles.

There are many distances and combinations waiting to be set.

A Boy or Girl is under 14 on the day of the event. A Juvenile is under 16 on the day. A Junior remains a Junior until December 31st of the year in which the 18th birthday occurs.

Vets - Solo, Tandem and Trikes
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All Time Vets Records pdf

Current Vets records pdf

10 miles men 82Peter Baumber20.06.13B10/325-1823.7+ 7-05
79Pete Baumber30.06.10B10/324-3624.4+ 10-02
78Pete Baumber (Previous EA Record)08.08.09E2/1024-0624.9+ 10-16
73Pete Baumber (Previous EA Record)14.08.04E2/1023-3225.5+ 9-30
70Chris Dyason (Current EA record)15.07.18F11/1021-4227.7+ 7-20
69Chris Dyason (Current EA record)02.09.17V71821-0228.5+ 7-50
66Ken Platts (Current EA record)01.09.18E2/1020-4928.8+ 7-34
65Andy Grant (Current EA record)16.06.18F11/1020-0629.9+ 8-08
62Ken Platts (current EA record)31.05.14E220-0529.9+ 7-46
57André Dyason22.07.17V71819-5330.2+ 7-27
54Ken Platts (Current EA record)05.07.06F20/1019-3830.6+ 8-47
10 miles women 50Julia Ertner04.03.17B10/1928-1021.3+ 0-43
42Angela Platt16.06.01B10/3424-4024.3+ 2-53
15 miles men 82Peter Baumber03.07.13B15/139-3822.7+ 9-22
70Chris Dyason (Current National record)18.07.18B15/134-0026.5+ 9-51
66Ken Platts (Current EA record)18.07.18B15/132-3827.6+ 10-13
65Andy Grant (Club Senior and Current National Record)18.07.18B15/131-2828.6+ 11-10
25 miles men 82Pete Baumber29.06.13E2/251-05-4622.8+ 17-20
79Pete Baumber04.09.10E2/251-04-1323.4+ 24-01
76 Pete Baumber (Previous EA Record)09.09.07E21-03-1023.7+ 23-07
75Pete Baumber24.06.06E2/251-02-1624.1+ 23-22
72Pete Baumber24.05.03E2/251-01-5224.2+ 21-52
71Pete Baumber18.08.02F1/251-00-5424.6+ 22-13
70Chris Dyason08.09.18E2/2555-2927.0+ 18-37
69Chris Dyason (Current EA record)26.08.17E2/2554-4627.4+ 18-51
66Ken Platts (Current EA Record)08.07.18B25/853-1428.2+ 19-06
65Andy Grant (Previous National and Current EA Record)03.06.18R25/3H50-3729.6+ 21-21
60Ken Platts (Current National Record)14.07.12E249-5730.0+ 20-24
25 miles women 49Julia Ertner11.09.16F2A/251-05-0723.0+ 8-08
30 miles men 83Pete Baumber05.10.13E2/301-21-5722.0+ 20-06
77Pete Baumber28.06.08E2/301-21-5422.0+ 22-24
76Pete Baumber22.07.07E2/301-19-4622.6+ 23-46
74Pete Baumber09.07.05 E2/301-19-2922.6+ 22-31
72Pete Baumber08.06.03 E5/30e1-18-4322.9+ 21-46
71Pete Baumber09.06.02 E721-18-3822.9+ 21-06
70Chris Dyason (Current National Record)22.09.18E2/30c1-04-0228.1+ 25-29
66Ken Platts (Current National Record)22.09.18E2/30c1-02-5928.6+ 24-23
63Ken Platts (Current National Record)03.10.15 E2/301-02-2128.9+ 23-42
58Bob Watson (Club Senior Record)22.09.18E2/30c1-01-4729.1+ 22-30
50 miles men 77Pete Baumber (Previous EA Record)26.07.08E2/502-13-4522.4+ 46-43
71Pete Baumber04.08.02E2/50b2-12-0322.7+ 40-30
70Chris Dyason (Current EA record)12.05.18E2/50c1-56-0225.9+ 37-20
66Ken Platts (Current National Record)12.05.18E2/50c1-47-1128.0+ 42-18
65Andy Grant (Current National Record)12.05.18E2/50c1-43-3529.0+ 45-03
56Ken Platts (Current National Record)31.05.08E2/50c1-42-3629.2 + 52-56
100 miles men 69Pete Baumber30.07.00F1/1005-08-2219.5+ 56-25
67Pete Baumber30.08.98B100/84-56-1120.2+ 63-16
66Gerry Ashley (Previous EA Record)07.07.96F1h4-16-5223.4+ 99-54
65Andy Grant (Current EA Record )15.07.18B100/43-47-0726.4+ 90-22
59Ken Platts (Club Senior and Current EA Record)26.06.11E2/1003-44-3326.7+ 102-44
12 hours men66Ted Wells (Previous EA Record)12.09.93F1226.79m18.9+ 41.79m
61Ken Platts (Current National Record)17.08.13E2/12275.06m22.9+ 90.49m
58Ken Platts (VTTA Nat Champion and Current National Record)22.08.10E2/12hr280.67m23.4+ 84.19m
55Ken Platts (Club Senior and Current National Record)19.08.07E2/12h283.103m23.6+ 82.13m
24 hours men61Pete Baumber21.06.92B24/2360.69m15.0+ 24.52m
46Bill Clough26.08.95B24/1387.10m16.1+ 10.73m
44Bill Clough29.08.93B24398.63m16.6+ 16.56m
10 miles men85John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)200640-0015.0- 0-22
81John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)13.06.02E2/1036-1616.5+ 2-08
80John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)22.09.01E2/1035-1117.0+ 2-55
76Ken Usher21.05.1128-2321.1
60Ken Usher27.05.95C10/125-5423.2+ 6-36
53Mick Draper (Club Senior Record)14.06.902y1024-5424.1+ 5-51
25 miles men85John Lindsell (Previous National Record)24.09.061-40-1315.0- 0-01
83John Lindsell (Previous National Record)26.09.04F1/251-38-5315.2- 0-23
82John Lindsell (Previous National and Previous EA Record)17.08.03F1b/251-38-2515.2 - 0-26
81John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)01.09.02B25/381-33-0616.1+ 4-09
76Ken Usher11.06.11E2/251-06-4622.5
61Ken Usher (Club Senior Record)20.08.95F1a1-05-2522.9+ 18-19
30 miles men83John Lindsell (Previous National and Current EA Record)03.10.04E1/302-12-0813.6- 13-56
82John Lindsell (Previous National and Current EA Record)27.09.03E1/302-02-1514.7- 4-43
80John Lindsell (Current EA Record) 29.09.01E1/301-57-4615.3- 2-00
72John Lindsell16.06.93B30/61-47-3616.7+ 2-30
71John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)17.05.92B30/61-42-2217.6+ 5-55
70John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)18.05.91B30/6 1-37-5518.4+ 9-34
68John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)03.06.89E721-25-1921.1+ 20-34
50 miles men72John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)08.08.93F12-44-1918.3+ 24-25
69John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)16.06.90F12-34-5919.4+ 29-34
68John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)25.06.89E722-33-0119.6+ 30-10
63John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)10.06.84F12-32-1819.7+ 24-10
61Ken Usher (Club Senior Record)06.08.95F1g2-12-2722.7+ 41-23
100 miles men72John Lindsell (Current EA Record)04.07.93F1h5-41-5117.6+ 63-11
70John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)07.07.91F1d5-39-1117.7+ 59-50
68John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)02.07.89E725-32-3818.0+ 60-29
67John Lindsell (Previous EA Record)03.07.88E725-28-2218.3+ 61-49
66John Lindsell (Previous National Record)16.08.87E725-17-4118.9+ 69-36
65John Lindsell (Previous National Record)17.08.86E395-10-3019.3+ 73-54
63Ken Usher (Previous National Record)19974-41-3821.3+ 97-03
62Ken Usher (Club Senior and Current National Record)19974-38-1321.6+ 97-38
12 hours men67John Lindsell (Previous National and Current EA Record)11.09.88F1205.73m17.1+ 36.71m
65John Lindsell (Previous National and Current EA Record)07.09.86F1206.66m17.2+ 35.02m
63Ken Usher (Previous National Record)1997229.27m19.1+ 55.09m
61Ken Usher (Club Senior and Previous National Record)10.09.95F1237.00m19.8+ 60.18m

VETERANS (over 40) A Veteran can only establish an age record if someone older or of the same age has not already gone faster. An older rider is faster than everybody younger, down as far as the next name on the list. The youngest on the list at each distance is faster than any over 40 in the Club's history.

VTTA Standards were reviewed after 2011 and allowances were reduced.