Cambridge Cycling Club


The routes below link to the website where you can download the course. There is a choice of .tcx or .gpx on the export tab which is at the top right of the screen. Select .tcx if your device has navigation capability but no maps (eg Garmin 200); otherwise select .gpx (track). The course will be saved to the download directory on your local drive. Attach your device and copy the file from the download directory to the "New Files" folder on your device.

When using RideWithGps to navigate, disable the recalculation mode for all routing options. Should you go Off Course retrace until you get the "Course Found" message. Do not place total reliance on your device - take a map!

The sundry route "Accident Blackspots" shows as Points Of Interest those places where members are especially cautious. Should you be aware of additional hazards please let us know.